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Japan - Industrial Solutions

Making a major contribution to the development of the Ubiquitous Network Society, Anritsu continues to provide Customer driven solutions & support in many areas including: Information network test & measurement for mobile & internet, RF&Microwave solutions, fibre-optic telecommunications and
industrial solutions.



Netherlands - Vacuum Packaging Machines

50 years of experience, Henkovac, based in Holland, combines more than 50 years of experience with craftsmanship and new advanced technologies to ensure you that all Henkovac machines are innovative with a high quality standard.



France - Vacuum Massager / Injectors / Cookers

With 30 years of experience in the manufacture of equipment for the food-processing industry, LUTETIA has become one of Europe's leading companies in its market.

With nearly 80 staff members working for manufaturers in this area, LUTETIA is steadily developing new units and processes whose quality is recognized worldwide. So far, over 8,000 units have been installed all around the world to carry out processing operations such as defrosting, curing, massaging, drying, cooking, smoking and packaging.



Taiwan - Inkjet Printers

We are in the business of manufacturing high-resolution ink jet printers for industrial applications. ANSER has been making and marketing printers for over 20 years; our success is due to our ability to manufacture printers with plug & print technology and a maintenance free attitude.



Japan - Powder Processing Machine

The Hosokawa Micron Group is a leading global supplier of a comprehensive range of equipment for the following sectors: powder and particle processing technology, blown film technology, nanoparticle technology and particle design, clean air and environmental protection technology, confectionery and bakery technology. We offer value-added material solutions and respond to global needs through our emphasis on future-oriented material science and engineering. We pride ourselves on always being the right partner whenever cost-effective and technical solutions are called for.

The utmost priority of the Hosokawa Micron Group are future-oriented activities - whether it be adapting to the constantly changing market situations or fulfilling the high material demands. Our task thereby is react in an adaptable and flexible manner at all times. The demands on our system are extremely high, making highly qualified and competent staff an absolute must if we are to meet your requirements in an optimum way.



USA - Ingredients Solutions

MGP Ingredients, Inc. is a fully integrated producer of ingredients and distillery products. Ingredients primarily consist of specialty and commodity wheat proteins and starches for food and non-food applications. Distillery products consist of food grade alcohol and fuel grade alcohol. The Company also produces mill feed and distillers feed as by-products of its manufacturing processes. Through extensive research in protein and starch chemistry, MGPI continues to expand the depth and scope of its business. The Company's scientists focus their expertise on developing highly functional ingredients that provide substantial benefits and advantages to customers and ultimately to the consumer. Breakthroughs in recent years include a host of wheat-based and other plant-derived specialty proteins and starches created for use in multiple food systems, personal care products, pet products and plastic-like biobased and biodegradable items. MGPI's food grade alcohol is produced for beverage and industrial applications. The Company's beverage alcohol consists primarily of vodka and gin and is sold in bulk form. Fuel grade alcohol is sold as an octane additive and oxygenate that is commonly known as ethanol.

MGP Ingredients, Inc. processes its products at plants located in Atchison, Kansas, where the Company is headquartered, and in Pekin, Illinois. The Company also operates a facility in Kansas City, Kansas, for the further processing and extrusion of proteins and starches derived principally from wheat, and a facility in Onaga, Kansas for the manufacturing of wood composite resins and plant-based biopolymers.



GERMANY - Ingredients Solution

Loryma is the international specialist for ingredients and tailor-made compounds based on highly functional raw materials. The food industry values our development expertise and our technical know-how. As a recognized partner and a high-quality supplier, we are part of the innovation process from the very beginning.

Our premium brand TruTex®, a new and exclusive development, is revolutionizing the way food is produced and is our trend-setting and cost-saving response to sustainability and ecology without any loss of taste.

Loryma, headquartered in Zwingenberg, Hessen, Germany, was founded in 1976 and has been a subsidiary of Crespel & Deiters, one of Europe’s leading producers of wheat starch, since 2001. Both companies continue to expand their core competencies in the areas of wheat starch and wheat proteins for the global food industry.